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the changes from facebook's perspective seem to suggest that the social networking giant is trying to encourage more authentic online conversations on the platform. such an approach would be in line with zuckerberg's take on the importance of facebook's objective to "make the world more open and connected."

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in addition to its potential for business, facebook live's public feature raises concerns about user privacy. while a video from a live broadcast cannot be shared for 12 hours by default, it can be preserved and marked as a "private" video that is shared with selected facebook users.

the feature would be a major departure from the company's previous standards on this topic. several years ago, facebook began to require that the account owner approve live broadcasts in order to post them.

the introduction of live broadcasting, like the facebook smartphone app itself, stands at the center of a number of challenges that the company faces. zuckerberg has indicated that "we want facebook to be the best place to experience life and share moments. and there are some challenges there. you know, we're creating the infrastructure for the world to live more like the world lives now. but a lot of that, i think, is going to be driven by the world itself. it's going to be driven by devices. it's going to be driven by a set of languages that people use to communicate and interact."

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