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Aly And Aj Into The Rush Deluxe Edition Zip

Instrumental versions of all 12 songs are available commercially on the iTunes Store, alongside the standard 12-track album with vocals. The album's title is not actually a word ("insomniac" serves as both a noun and an adjective);[2] the definition of Insomniatic as stated by them is "A state of mind where one becomes addicted to the deprivation of sleep caused by an epic revelation of joy." The Australian release of the album features the same cover art as the deluxe edition, aside from the "Deluxe Edition" tag. It also includes the original version of "Chemicals React" as the first track, with the rest of the standard album following.[3]

Aly And Aj Into The Rush Deluxe Edition Zip

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A deluxe edition of the album was originally scheduled to be released in North America on November 6, 2007, then on March 4, 2008, and finally on March 18 only to eventually be canceled. The six-song extended CD includes acoustic performances at the Abbey Road Studios in the UK and a remix, along with a bonus DVD that contains music videos for Aly & AJ's main singles. Early reports stated that the DVD would include Aly & AJ's "My Super Sweet 16/18 Birthday Party" episode, a review featurette of the episode, the Aly & AJ: Sister Act MTV special, and the Aly & AJ episode of MTV Cribs,[7] but these were not included. The deluxe edition was only released on March 5, 2008 in Japan.[8]


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