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[S1E2] Connecticut House

The couple, now network moguls, beautified this home with good bones nearly a decade ago, back in 2013. Today, the Gorman House (named for Gorman Avenue, where the house is located) thrives as a successful short-term vacation rental on VRBO.

[S1E2] Connecticut House

The main house comfortably accommodates up to 12 guests, thanks to its five bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The bedrooms all have their own charming features: One has a fireplace and another features bunk beds. But the true highlight among the bedrooms is a spacious, third-floor attic conversion that features a bedroom with a sitting area, an en suite bathroom, and a large closet.

Filming took place on Morgan Street near the Glenbrook neighborhood to film hospital and medical scenes. Scenes of Amy Loughren's home (Jessica Chastain) were filmed in a house in the Waterside neighborhood of Stamford.

After causing several problems at her school because of her book report, which involved live snakes and firecrackers, her mother Camila decides to send Luz to a Reality Check Summer Camp to straighten out her wild imaginative personality. While waiting disappointed for the bus to go to the camp, she chases a little owl who picks up her favorite book that she threw to the trash before, and ends up in an old rundown house, where she finds a portal and is teleported to the magical world of the Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm.[9]

One afternoon while King was teaching her demonology, it began to rain boiling hot rain, causing Eda to arrive earlier, so Luz took the opportunity to ask her to teach her spells. Eda is exhausted because she made a magical force field to protect the Owl House from the rain, so she refuses, but ends up agreeing after Luz tempts her with a shiny pen, since she loves shiny things. Eda lazily begins to give her the lesson, but first explains that a witch must learn how to do magic before receiving her own staff, and proceeds to show Luz how to create a light spell by casting a circle of spells, and Luz wants to do it too. Eda, however, explains to her that magic comes from a sack of magical bile attached to the heart of each witch, and this causes the question of how Luz will be able to do magic without one, and Eda says that witches used to practice magic differently, but she doesn't know how. With that Eda ends the lesson so she can go back to sleep, but Luz asks her to do the light spell again so she can record it on her phone, and Eda reluctantly accepts, but while doing so, she faints from exhaustion. Luz and King try to get her to wake up but don't get it, so they drag her back to her trundle bed in her room. King then takes the opportunity to teach her again something about demons, but she ignores him to see how to do the light spell, to King's disappointment, who asks her why she wants to learn to do magic, and Luz tells him that being a nobody in her house, learning to do magic could help her to be somebody. King, realizing that he is not being taken seriously too, decides to help her, but on the condition that he teaches her demonology later. King tells her that Eda drinks an elixir every day, which makes him think that this is where she gets her magic, so Luz and King go to look for one among her things.

They find one, but when Luz goes to drink it, she drops the bottle and it breaks. At that moment, the lights start to fail in the house and they hear Hooty screaming, and when they go to see him they find him wounded by some mysterious creature. King suspects it is the Snaggleback, a demon with a shell that appears during rains, so in order not to leave Eda defenseless, Luz helps him to hunt the creature. When they go to Eda's room looking for the creature, they find that Eda has disappeared, so King goes in search of one of his books to see what to do, but when he returns he finds that Luz is also gone, leaving only a shoe behind.[12]

When Amity and her friends have an Moonlight Conjuring and invite everyone except Willow, Luz, Willow and Gus decide to have one at the Owl House, taking advantage of Eda and King's absence that night. Before leaving, Eda asks Luz to take care of the house, warning her before leaving that if anything happens to the house, she will never trust her again. Luz and her friends begin to cast the spell and, since it is their first time, they decide to do it by giving life to a Beef Bob figure, however, accidentally instead of giving life to the figure they end up giving life to the Owl House, causing it to grow legs and walk on its own. They soon realize that they can control the house thanks to the power of the moon, and decide to take the house on a joyride instead of returning it to its place to show off to Amity. On the way, they meet Boscha, one of Amity's friends, and begin to bother her without Boscha realizing it was them. Their journey however ends up causing the arrival to the house of Animal Control, who capture them; the three are thrown off a cliff but are held up with a branch.

Willow apologizes for causing them to be caught because of her desire to surpass Amity, and reveals to them that she and Amity used to be best friends as a child until Amity surpassed Willow in magic, and that she wanted to show her that she could be powerful too. Luz encourages her by telling her that she is powerful, and Willow regains her confidence and with her plant powers she sets them free and takes back the house from Animal Control's hands. They return the house to its place, however, Eda catches them since she saw the house while she was at the night market and when she goes to punish Luz, Willow and Gus admit that they were also responsible. Eda punishes the three by having them clean up the house, but is also surprised that they animated the house, as it requires powerful magic. That same night, Amity together with Boscha end up watching on Penstagram the animated house that was being controlled by Luz, Willow, and Gus, causing the bewilderment of both of them.[14]

When Luz becomes sickened with the Common Mold, her friends help fortify the Owl House. After she tries to eat the Portal Key, Amity takes it. She sends Amity a message with a communication device she gave her, but Amity does not understand. Soon the echo mouse projects an entry about Titan's Blood, an ingredient needed to travel between worlds, at Eclipse Lake. She tries to go, but the others restrain her. Eda, King, and Amity set out to find the blood as Willow, Gus, and Hooty look after her. Later she sees another entry that reveals Eclipse Lake houses Fool's Blood, a volatile substance resembling Titan's Blood. After Gus and Willow fail to hear her, as they are listening to loud sounds in the kitchen, Luz then messages Amity about the Fool's Blood. At nightfall, Luz gets over her illness and greets the three as they return from their failed venture for blood and she hugs Amity.

Upon returning to Bonesborough, Luz and the others notice themselves on wanted posters with large bounties and move in secret back to the Owl House. However when they arrive, they find coven scouts leaving with the last of their belongings. They head inside to find a hidden note telling them to go to The Knee. Upon arriving, they end up in a trap set by Eda and Lilith. The three tell the sisters what they experienced while they were out and reveal that King is the last titan. After noticing King is depressed, Luz suggests raiding the warehouse where their belongings are to find Francois, King's favorite toy.

Before Belos can deliver the final blow, he is stopped by the Collector and she and the others watch in stock as Belos is flattened against the wall. As the Collector approaches them, King appears and convinces him to stop the draining spell. After he does so, the Collector insists they play "owl house" and begins to deconstruct the skull. As her friends cross through the portal to the Human Realm, Luz insists she stay behind to help take care of the Collector, however King insists she go and, after thanking her for being his big sister, he blasts her and her friends through the portal. Luz runs over to help, but the portal closes. Separated from their loved ones, Luz takes her friend to her house where her mother tearfully embraces her.

The following day, Luz helps Camila out at the veterinarian clinic and puts her egg under a heat lamp, hoping it would help it hatch. Shortly before they head out, Luz touches a glyph and it starts to burn slightly. When Luz and her mother arrive home, Hunter tells her he saw Belos and the pair search the Old House to find only a possum. They conclude Belos is not there, but Luz promises Hunter she will keep him safe, saying that he is family now, and they head back to her house. The others are working on their Halloween costumes and Amity suggests she and Luz go as Hecate and Azura respectively. Luz accepts as an Azura movie plays on the television and she focuses on the character of Lucy, who betrays the protagonists, ausing Luz to worry about how her friends would react if they found out she helped Belos. That night, Luz records a video diary stating that she intends to stay on the Human Realm after getting her friends back home, deciding to tell them after the festival.

In "O Titan, Where Art Thou", Luz and Eda go on a mission to retrieve Francois for King after the Emperor's Coven raided the Owl House. While looking through a warehouse, Luz overhears Eda asking Raine to send her and King away so that they'll be safe during the Day of Unity. Feeling hurt, Luz tells Eda that she can help with the plan, but Eda stands firm on keeping her safe, leading to them fighting in the warehouse after Eda takes on her harpy form. After being captured by coven scouts, Luz continues to ask Eda why she refuses to let her help with the plan, angrily asking if it's because Eda thinks she's a kid or too weak. This leads to Eda admitting that there is no plan, shocking Luz. Eda says that because she and Lilith have no magic and no allies, she wanted to do everything she could to keep Luz and King safe, but now it's too late for that. As Luz gets taken away, she desperately tells Eda that she'll do whatever she says, only asking that she fights back. Later, Luz is rescued, and is relieved upon finding out that Eda is alright and that a group of rebels has a plan for stopping the Day of Unity. Afterwards, Eda shows Luz that she managed to find the palistrom wood among the items taken from the Owl House, and they start carving Luz's palisman. 041b061a72


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