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Auvio Usb To Hdmi Adapter For Mac BEST

I just purchased a MiniDisplay to HDMI adapter in order to connect my MacBook Pro 13" to an LG LCD TV. But, whenever I connect the cable my computer flickers for a second (denoting detection of an external display), but my TV stays blank and reads "No Signal". The adapter is a 'Griffin', bought from an official Apple Store, and the HDMI cable is an 'Auvio', from Radioshack, which works well with the DVD player.

Auvio Usb To Hdmi Adapter For Mac

In rare instances, you may find that after following the instructions as described in the User Manual for your SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to HDMI/DVI Adapter (SKU: 103046) you are unable to get audio, video, or both. Performing the following processes listed below will help to determine if there is a configuration issue or if your adapter is defective. For the purposes of this troubleshooting guide it is assumed that your device has a compatible resolution.

It may seem obvious, but for any of the issues listed below be sure to check your HDMI connections. Make sure your HDMI cable is functioning properly by testing with another device. We also recommend connecting with a shorter HDMI cable as longer HDMI runs can affect performance. HDMI cables of inferior quality will often affect performance, so be sure that you are using a reputable brand's cable. Another often overlooked HDMI issue is a failed HDMI port. If your display has multiple HDMI ports try your adapter on one of the other ports.

If your adapter was functioning properly and you are now experiencing issues after upgrading your macOS, you'll need to uninstall any previous versions of the drivers and install the most current version for your OS. Recent versions of the macOS require the most updated drivers to function properly. After installing the driver and restarting your device, the adapter should work properly.

Extend your desktop with high-resolution dual display support. The USB-to-HDMI adapter supports Primary, Extended, and Mirror modes, with widescreen monitor resolutions up to 1920x1080 and standard monitor resolutions up to 1600x1200. View applications and data simultaneously across multiple screens, or with display continuity. Multitask more effectively without overlapping windows.

The USB-to-HDMI adapter is hot-swappable and hot-pluggable, once the included DisplayLink driver software is installed. Simply connect the USB connector of the adapter to a USB port on your laptop, then connect the HDMI connector of the adapter to an HDTV or desktop monitor to view multiple screens in Mirror mode. Or connect the USB connector of the adapter to a USB port on your computer and connect the HDMI connector of the adapter to a second monitor to extend your desktop with display continuity or to view multiple screens.


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