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Chasing Life

Think back to the first time you held a smartphone or tablet in your hands. For most adults, this probably happened later in life. Now, a new generation of kids is growing up exposed to screen time as toddlers, or even babies. What impact will this screen time have on their very young and still growing brains? Dr. Dimitri Christakis takes us inside his lab at the Seattle Children's Research Institute and demonstrates how he studies...

Chasing Life

April is a young up-and-coming newspaper reporter, balancing her hectic family life with her widowed mother Sara, her rebellious little sister Brenna, her grandmother and dating her co-worker Dominic. However, things take a turn for the worse when she learns from her uncle that she has cancer.

It was nice seeing April get out of the house and enjoying the company of Beth and Josh. Just by looking at April, we can tell that she still isn't used to life without Leo. With the recent news regarding her dad's death while still mourning Leo, she doesn't know how to be her old self again. It's a lot for anyone to handle, let alone someone also battling cancer.

April has to learn that she can't continue living her life mourning Leo. She has to be okay with moving on. Life eventually goes on whether April likes it or not. Eventually she will find someone else to fall in love with and that's perfectly fine.

After Ellie heard April's story about living with cancer, you'd think she would've considered backing out of the publishing deal. Nope! Ellie wanted all the attention on herself even if it meant copying the life of someone that's actually dealing with tragedy. How rude!

People like Ellie are the ones that portray a fabricated life on social media to gain fame. They get an adrenaline rush from getting likes and comments whenever they post something new. Ellie was bold to take words April told her in private and made them her own. I'm glad April called her out on it, too. Someone needed to snap Ellie back to reality and knock her off that imaginary pedestal.

One thing Leo taught April was to live life on the edge. That piece of inspiration is something April will always have to remind her of him. She has done things she never would've done had she not met Leo. April has learned that life is too short, and it's time for her take chances. The whole faking a seizure thing was pure gold. I didn't even expect that from April, but she did what she needed to do to get inside of that party.

Parents need to know that Chasing Life is an emotionally charged drama series that doesn't gloss over the fallout of the main character's struggle with her own mortality. The characters talk about death as it relates to April's situation and to the recent loss of her father. A rebellious teen escapes the pressures of her life by drinking and hanging out with a questionable crowd, which puts her in some dangerous situations from which she needs to be rescued by family members. Sex is a recurring topic of conversation and often includes crass references such as "booty call" and "spreading your legs," but physical encounters usually stop at kissing. Strong language such as "bitch" is rare. On the upside, this well-crafted series deals with serious issues with care and purpose, which yields good messages about the strength of the human spirit.

It's impossible to watch a story like this without imagining yourself in a similar real-life role, and that's the stuff that great entertainment -- and great discussions with your teens -- are made of. Chasing Life does an excellent job of keeping the content accessible by not overdramatizing what already are life-altering events. As April copes with her new reality, the fact that she does so with grace and determination and with the support of her family and friends bodes well for the show's messages about perseverance.

The story of the landing site, Jezero Crater, starts roughly 4 billion years ago, when Mars was much warmer and wetter, and life was just taking hold on Earth. An enormous space rock struck just north of the equator and formed an impact basin some 750 miles wide. Eventually, a smaller asteroid smashed another hole in the area, churning up a unique mix of rocks and sediments.

Rivers in the region soon flowed into Jezero Crater, delivering rich sediment and creating a lake more than a quarter-mile deep and twice the width of Lake Tahoe. The wetland may have been an ideal place for life to evolve on Mars, which is why NASA chose Jezero Crater to search for signs of life. But that same geological history also carried risk to the mission.

James Potter enjoys the simple life. That is, being a national Quidditch star, drinking profusely with his mates, and no-strings-attached companionship.At least until he meets a beautiful, clever redhead who is immune to his charms and uninterested in his talents. She just might also help him see there is more to this thing called life than perpetual, meaningless bachelorhood.

Everything in Lily Evans' life is going well until the day James Potter appears. He is reckless with his time and stingy with his affection, and the last thing Lily needs is to become attached to someone emotionally unavailable.So naturally, that's what she does.

PodiumRunner published an excerpt from Make the Leap focusing on the Hidden Training Program, and I was a guest on the Chasing Life podcast with Sarah Kane, where we discussed many aspects of Make the Leap, as well as lessons from training, podcasting, entrepreneurship and other life experiences.

Go Be More,Bryan GreenAuthor of Make the Leap: Think Better, Train Better, Run Faster and the companion Think Better WorkbookCo-host of the Go Be More PodcastCo-host of the Fueling the Pursuit Podcast"A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one's own path, not chasing after the dreams of others." - Chin-Ning Chu

Objects as reality. From spatial memory to empathy, objects are the spiritual carrier of life, the viewers' token in space, and the continuation of emotions, presented in the form of freedom, revealing life in space and returning to the essence of life. 041b061a72


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