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We Found 148 Resources For You..

Teaching, learning, and even research that live in the public domain or have been licensed to be used freely. This also means that these resources are able to be customized and personalized for the classroom.

We found 148 resources for you..

OER includes any number of educational resources from worksheets to reflection sheets, teacher-created projects and lesson plans, textbooks, and more. Often times the resources do need to be given author attribution or they are listed under the creative commons license.

Historically teachers have been utilizing open resources for decades now. However, in the beginning, these free resources were often not formatted in a way that teachers could readily customize or provide for their students to effectively use. They were also usually not high quality or aligned to teaching standards.

With the emergence of Common Core and very few resources available to align with these new standards, teachers began utilizing OER once again. There was an influx of districts assigning teachers or instructional coaches to compile OER options that reflected the needs of common core. As Common Core matured and publishers began providing professional resources the use of OER trickled away.

In 2015, the Department of Education at the federal level enacted an initiative called Go Open. It was a commitment of districts and educators to provide resources to share. However, this was not an initiative that really took off.

Rich suggests the best place to start is at the OER Commons website. Here educators can search based on subject, grade level, and standards. There are also curated Hubs that have specifically compiled resources. Teachers are also able to share their own resources to give back and share with the education community. These are all completely free!

For those teachers looking specifically for Science resources, Rich suggests taking a look at Open Science Ed. They are growing a collection of high-quality resources with clear learning outcomes, teacher lesson plans, and student resources. All of these resources are able to be customized or personalized to standards or student needs.

The American Cancer Society offers programs and services to help you during and after cancer treatment. Below are some of the resources we provide. We can also help you find other free or low-cost resources available.

Type of equipment previously found in conference rooms or classrooms. Overhead projectors displayed enlarged images onto a screen or wall from a transparency placed below the projector and lighted from underneath.

The Association for Women in Events was founded in 2015 by 5 professional women in the events sector. The founders wanted the vision of the organization to be centered around a central inclusive place for all women to find resources, mentorship, and career guidance and enhancement.

NACE is a non-profit national organization for caterers, event planners, and event professionals that provides education, certification, and a network of resources for members in all segments of the hospitality industry.

SGMP was founded in 1981 and is the only national organization in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to government meetings. The mission is to enhance and promote the expertise of government meeting professionals and to improve the quality of, and promote the cost-effectiveness of, government meetings.

We urge you to choose a license best aligned with your research needs. If you are not sure what license to apply to your work, see Https:// for help. The following information has been aggregated and adapted from the Digital Curation Centre and tl;drLegal. These resources may also help you determine the best license for your particular use case.

Q: I need to buy a laptop. Do you have any recommendations?A: While we provide lab computers as resources for your class projects and homework, we highly recommend our students to have a laptop computer. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to learn to manage and maintain one of the most important tools in your career.Listed below are suggested hardware specifications.Platform:If you are bringing a current computer, anything that meets the specs below will be sufficient to begin with. (Both PC and Mac would work for this.) If you are purchasing a new computer, we would recommend purchasing a Mac, due to its underlying Unix-based kernel and shell. If you are going to purchase a new computer, try to match these specs:Minimum hardware recommendations:MacBook Pro16 GB RAM512 GB SSD HDYou should also have a USB thumb drive (and associated dongle, if using a Mac) for transferring data between lab and personal computers.

El Dorado, Kansas, is a city of the second class with a population of about 13,000. It is located in South Central Kansas at the juncture of several state and federal highways, including I-35. Our resources are agriculture and oil production. We have a growing industrial park, which is supported by an excellent lake.

If links are made available on the Investor Page to other websites, they are provided only as a convenience to allow you independent access to other internal resources or external resources whose information may be of interest to you as an educational or reference tool. If you access one of these websites, remember that NJTA has not participated in the preparation, compilation, or selection of information on any other website for purposes of reaching the investing public, and NJTA assumes no responsibility or liability for the views, content, or accuracy of any other website. Further, those websites may have their own terms of use and policies which you should review prior to availing yourself of information on those sites.

Business Services partners with schools, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, business support organizations and community groups to develop trainings and resources, review data, and identify and prepare for new business trends. Are you an entity interested in connecting with us? Please contact our office at 401-222-3040 or [email protected]

Looking for a rewarding career in public service? The Westchester County Department of Human Resources administers civil service examinations for jobs at the County of Westchester, its local jurisdictions, and Westchester Medical Center. You can find out about our current job openings, and jobs in demand for which there is an urgent need to fill. As part of our commitment to helping Westchester County residents find the right job, we provide a list of online job search resources.

The term "blood sugar" refers to the sugar, or glucose, that is floating around in your bloodstream at any given time. Blood sugar, or blood glucose is the main source of sugar found in your blood, and comes from the food you eat.

Parents who need help to find and pay for safe, reliable child care can contact the Child Care Council of Westchester, Inc. The Council offers free information and resources and can help you apply for the financial assistance through Westchester County, called the Child Day Care Assistance, if you qualify.

Of the 1,740,000 metric tons of silver discovered to date, 55% is found in just four countries on earth. All the silver discovered thus far would fit in a cube 55 meters on a side. Learn more: USGS commodity website for silver

To illustrate the influence of social isolation and loneliness on the risk for premature mortality, Holt-Lunstad presented data from two meta-analyses. The first involved 148 studies, representing more 300,000 participants, and found that greater social connection is associated with a 50 percent reduced risk of early death. The second study, involving 70 studies representing more than 3.4 million individuals primarily from North America but also from Europe, Asia and Australia, examined the role that social isolation, loneliness or living alone might have on mortality. Researchers found that all three had a significant and equal effect on the risk of premature death, one that was equal to or exceeded the effect of other well-accepted risk factors such as obesity.

Holt-Lunstad recommended a greater priority be placed on research and resources to tackle this public health threat from the societal to the individual level. For instance, greater emphasis could be placed on social skills training for children in schools and doctors should be encouraged to include social connectedness in medical screening, she said. Additionally, people should be preparing for retirement socially as well as financially, as many social ties are related to the workplace, she noted, adding that community planners should make sure to include shared social spaces that encourage gathering and interaction, such as recreation centers and community gardens.

We received responses from the sponsors of 63 (52.9%) out of 119 trials to which questionnaires were sent. The results revealed that 25 trials (39.7%) were funded by foundations, and 21 trials (33.3%) were funded by public agencies. All of the foundations involved in conducting clinical trials, where funding sources were specified, were funded by private organizations such as pharmaceutical companies. All of the clinical trials with a cost of JPY 300 million (USD 3.27 million) or more were funded by private organizations, and none were funded solely by public agencies. The sponsors of 23 trials (36.5%) responded that the trial was 'not registered' to clinical trial registry. 041b061a72


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